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«Khristianskoye Chteniye» №5, 2018
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Hegumen Serapion (Mitko). The Eschatological Event of the Mission in Modern Orthodox Missiology
Archpriest Pavel Khondzinskii. The Concept of the Church History in the Writings of Russian Academical Theologians of the first Quarter of 19th Century
Archpriest Nikolay Karasyov. Saint Paisiy (Velichkovskiy) and the Revival of the Spiritual Tradition
Hieromonk Gabriel (Melnikov). St. Tikhon Zadonsky`s “Flesh and Spirit” and Other Earlier Works as the Basis of his “True Christianity”
Priest Mikhail Legeyev. The Theology of History at the Turn of the Epoch: from Venerable Maximus the Confessor to Venerable Simeon the New Theologian
Aleksey Fokin. Discernment in St. John Cassian and Western Ascetic Tradition of the Fifth and Sixth Centuries
Sergey Kolesnikov. Modern Theology and Modern Science: Prospects for Cooperation
Andrey Volkov. The Order of the Eucharistic Mass According to the Printed Mozarabic Missal of 1500. Part One: The Intercession, the Kiss of Peace, the Eucharistic Prayer

Biblical Studies

Archpriest John Kvanchiani. The Understanding of the Gospel Parables in Pre-Revolutionary Biblical Scholarship
Aleksey Kashkin. Noah and his Sons: The Origin of Grape Growing and Winemaking, the Drunkenness and the Nakedness of the Patriarch (commentary of Gen. 9:18–21)
Sergey Solovyov. Jewish Hermeneutic Approaches in the Polemical Stories of the Gospel According to St. Matthew
Roman Popkov. «Holy, Righteous and Good» Commandment (Rom. 7:12): View through the Prism of «Work of the Law» (Rom. 2:15) and of «Requirement of the Law» (Rom. 8:4)

Church Law

Pavel Gaidenko. On the Issue of the Canonical-Legal Status of the Wives of the Old Russian Clergy (11th — 13th Centuries)
Andrey Mitrofanov. The Origin of the Legal Procedure of the Roman-Byzantine Rite of the Emperor Coronation


Philosophical Sciences

Aleksandr Shevtsov. About the Entity and the Subject of Mathematics in Work by Aleksey F. Losev “Criticism of Platonism at Aristotle”
Nadezhda Lupareva. “Glinka’s pen was the first on the Rus’ which began to skirmish with the enemy”: S. N. Glinka’s “Russian Messenger” on the Eve and in a Time of the War for Fatherland, 1812

Scientific Debate

Priest Igor Ivanov, Igor Gavrilov, Olga Dzharman. Christianity and Paganism in the Context of the Formation of Byzantine Statehood. Review of the monograph: Mikhail A. Vedeshkin “The Pagan Opposition to the Christianization of the Roman Empire (4th — 6th centuries)”


Historical Sciences

Metropolitan Isidore (Tupikin). The Activity of Archimandrite John (Sokolov) as a Member of the St. Petersburg Committee for Theological Censorship
Mikhail Kucherov. Formation and Development of State-Church Relations in the Kurgan Region in 1991–2015
Vitaly Stepkin. The Attitude of Church Authorities to the Сave Diggers in the 18th–19th Centuries


Anatoliy Kashevarov. The Publishing Activity of the Monastic Brotherhood of the Monk Job of Pochaev in 1923–1944 in Slovakia. To the 95th Anniversary of the Foundation

To the 100th anniversary of the closure of Saint Petersburg Theological Academy and the scientific journal “Khristianskoye Chteniye” [“Christian reading”]

Sergey Firsov. “The Sacred Image”: Some Aspects of the History of the Myth of Leninist Religiosity and Its Perception (Social and Psychological Aspects of this Topic)

The Scientific Life of the Academy

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